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10 Minutes in the LOVE Week Warehouse


“Event number 1176. Vance High School. Orange paint. Elevation Orange. Lake Norman. Gold. Man, gold paint is really expensive,” LOVE Week Project manager John Reinke, Home Depot store manager says on conference call to Kyle Ferlic and Rusty Secrist. John is working on all our events that involve hardware store purchases for our upcoming LOVE Week. John is amazing.

“Where do you want it?” Keith from Southeastern Freight Lines drops off pallets of boxes, gloves, cleaners, sponges, batteries, and felt tip markers. He proceeds to tell me about his 10-year-old son who’s playing lots of video games and basketball this summer.

“Who brought us lunch?” Jamie asks as she gets back from a quick mid-day workout. “Samantha!” says Kyle. “This is perfect! How did she know what I wanted?”

And as I look around and see the piles of ladders, shovels, applesauce, pine straw, wheelbarrows, paint buckets, and top soil, I can’t help but think about how amazing this LOVE Week is going to be. This team is more organized, more prepared (spiritually and physically), and more excited about this year’s event than ever before.

If you’re waiting to sign up… don’t. Events are filling up fast. And if you’re wondering what to sign up for… check Jamie Waldron’s twitter feed.

Today. I’ll be posting some of my favorite #LOVEWeekevents…
#10. The Senior Olympics - bit.ly/1n9YsAf.pic.twitter.com/StnRy0fpJD

We are grateful for the many behind the scenes sponsors of LOVE Week this year. Folks who would never ask for a shout out, but we’re going to give it anyway.

Movement Foundation, Home Depot, Coke Consolidated, Tyson, and the guy upstairs at Enderly Coffee who’s making this place smell amazing and getting us appropriately caffeinated every day. Thank you.

All this really happened. In ten minutes at the warehouse today. And what’s happening outside here – through our campus leaders, our volunteers, our hosts, and more is astounding. I can’t wait for you to experience LOVE Week.

One last quote from the field… I ask Jamie, “Are we getting cots?” as she talks about the high school students who will be here 24-7 helping out next week. She says, “Why do we need cots? There are beds everywhere.” We share our warehouse space with Beds for Kids and there ARE beds everywhere. All in the process of being refurbished to be given away to families in need. Can you believe we get to do this together? Join the movement. Sign up today.


LOVE Week :: Check out the “Family Friendly” Filter

This Saturday you can spend a couple hours, or the entire day with your family serving in our cities. With the new “Family Friendly” filter on the LOVE Week Events site, you can see which events are just right for our smaller hands and feet.

There are 18 events to choose from that fit the “family friendly” bill.

You can help our friends at Kindermourn spruce up their facilities for neighbors facing an unexpected in the family. There’s an eStudents landscaping event planned at Jay M. Robinson middle. Have fun at a luau and lunch with Inreach. Help out with the YMCA Miracle League All Star game. Get your rakes going with Jackson Park at their summer landscaping event.

Let’s not let our busy schedules or our own wounded hearts get in the way of our serving our neighbors in need. Serve, and be surprised.

“Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong. Do everything in love.” 1 Corinthians 16:13-14


Child At Heart: LOVE Week at One7

Are you a child at heart? For LOVE Week 2014  you can roller skate, spend the day at the speed park, and landscape apartments with kids at an organization that is transforming the lives of Charlotte’s inner-city youth.  Here are a couple of ways One7 is making a difference in our community and how you join.

Families and children from Africa, Vietnam, Burma, Mexico, El Salvador and the United States are walking through the doors of One7. Their 14 unit complex in the heart of Charlotte is used to provide basic life necessities and services to families in need and at risk or homeless children. Currently, they house a few families in transition and have as many as 36 homeless children living with staff members.

Recently, the One7 academy began as a school for girls from diverse cultural and social backgrounds.  It is designed to help to remove some of the obstacles these children may face in main stream education while providing dedicated attention to academic studies and their spiritual walk with Christ.  The students leave prepared for high school graduation, higher education and a successful future.

One7 also started a soccer program to offer kids the opportunity to play sports who would not have the recourses to play otherwise.  The children hear about the love of Jesus, share their testimonies with each other, and proudly wear the One7 logo and the words “Jesucristo” on their jerseys for games.

To sign up to volunteer with One7 for LOVE Week click here.  Read the description of each event and register for the best fit.   Invite your friends and family to serve together.

One7 is run largely by volunteers and are always welcoming donations and accepting volunteer applications.  To find out more about One7 and how you can get involved, visit their website at www.one7.org.

LOVE Week 2014 FAQ’s

Let’s get the word out about LOVE Week together! Cut and paste the tweet below and share with your social networks. See you July 26-August 3!

Answers to your @ElevLOVEWeek FAQ’s. Check it out and then join me as I serve with ______. elevationoutreach.com

So… you’ve heard about @ElevLOVEWeek and you’re wondering…

“What’s all the fuss about?”

“How do I get involved?”

“How do I know what event to sign up for?” Well, we’ve got answers.

1. “What’s all the fuss about?” – LOVE Week started in 2010 with Pastor Steven calling on us each to serve just one hour during our first LOVE Week. We served more than 10,000 hours together that first year and we got addicted to giving our lives away. Check out the “This is LOVE Week” video below to get a better picture.

2. “How do I get involved?” – Click on over to our LOVE Week EVENTS site and take a look at the 1000+ opportunities to serve. Once you sign up you’ll be connected to a host who will reach out to you before the event, and is your guide for any questions you have about your event – like what to wear, whether you can bring your kids, and more. You can also sign up to serve this week at the LOVE Week Warehouse to be a part of what’s going on behind the scenes.

3. “How do I know what event to sign up for?” – Let the “filter your results” information on the left of the LOVE Week EVENTS site be your guide. Where do you want to serve? Click the button to filter for Charlotte, Gastonia, Matthews, etc. You can also filter for dates, categories, and even outreach partner names. So if you type in “crisis” you’ll get events for partners like Crisis Assistance Ministry and Crisis Pregnancy Center. Type in “medical” and you’ll see all the events scheduled for Matthews Free Medical Clinic.

It’s never been easier to get signed up for LOVE Week!

Love Week Poem from Elevation Media on Vimeo.

3 LOVE Week Opportunities For Families


Love Week 2014 is almost here! This is a special time for our church to reach out to the community and be the hands and feet of Jesus.

This will be my fourth Love Week serving with my daughter Emma and we can’t wait.  Here are three of the outreach partners we wanted to highlight that we are excited to serve with.

The Ronald McDonald House provides hope, support, and love to families dealing with child illness. The Ronald McDonald House provides numerous services that help keep family’s together and aid in the healing process. They offer a place to sleep in a location close to their child’s medical team, a hot meal at the end of the day, and quiet place to spend time as a family away from the hospital.  During LOVE Week 2014, we will be preparing meals, cleaning, and painting the Ronald McDonald House.  Sign up HERE.

Christ Our Shepherd was created to provide Christian based education programs for the unique needs of single mothers or single fathers. This organization has a special spot in my heart because I am a single mother. During LOVE Week 2013, we served here and learned that every moment you spend playing with these children is an opportunity for them to see the love of Jesus.  This year, we will be putting on a carnival and providing games for Christ Our Shepard.  With face painting, a moon Bounce, popsicles and more, this is a great event to serve as a family, organization or eGroup. Register for an event with COS with your group HERE.

Samaritan House is a short term recuperation facility for the homeless following a hospital or emergency room stay. Samaritan House gives the homeless a chance to fully heal. While staying at Samaritan House, guest are given a place to sleep, food to eat, and all the necessary resources to help them get back on their feet. Emma and I have built so many relationships at Samaritan House and have seen people get through cancer treatments, heal from broken bones, and restore after surgeries. These residents have then gone forward to reconnect with family or get into a treatment program they so desperately need. There are 25 opportunities to serve at Samaritan House on LOVE Week 2014. Join us as we cook meals, paint, and restore this special house HERE.

What LOVE Week has done for my relationship with Jesus has been a blessing! Love Week will inspire you, change you and present you with the opportunity to love Jesus and people even more than you could imagine. Hurry and sign up. I promise this is one week you won’t want to miss!