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Queen City Invasion


Join our friends at Compassion to Act this Saturday night as local evangelist Amy Lambert brings Invasion to the Queen City.  Lambert’s vision is to reach teens struggling with addictions in a non-threatening way through music.  Starting at the young age of twelve, Amy fell into an inescapable drug addiction. However, through the power and love of Christ, she was able to overcome this battle and has since started City Invasion to share a story of hope to kids fighting the same issues.

City Invasion is a FREE concert featuring Christian, rock and rap artists such as Brian ‘Head’ Welch, Flame, P.O.D., and many others.  Saturday night Memorial Stadium, the bands will be sharing the gospel to thousands of teens through their music and stories.

Anne Bacorn, events director for City Invasion says, “This is a tremendous opportunity to reach those that will not step foot in a church.  An opportunity to make them feel loved, to let them know that Christ has not forgotten them, that He loves them, and that He created them.”

Guest Services eTeam members, there’s a job for you:  Invasion asks you to park cars for the concert goers and greet them as they enter this life changing event.  You have the opportunity to impact people who may have a desperate need for Jesus but don’t think they could feel welcome at church.

Next Level eTeam members, there’s a job for you: Invasion needs you to do what you do best. Pray with people, and invite them to church.  We are standing in prayer with Amy and her team that hundreds of people will place their faith in Christ at this event.

Help Neighbors Heal Now


Imagine you’re cleared from an accident that sent you to the hospital – but you have nowhere to go home to.  Do you go back on the streets?  You have no money to pay the hospital bill, and nowhere safe to recover.  Now imagine your prayers answered – Samaritan House is there.

Samaritan House opened its doors in 2005.  A brand new 2012 Elevation Church outreach partner, it is a HOME where homeLESS neighbors can safely recover following a hospital stay.  Since it opened, Samaritan House has given recuperative care for 650 people, and each one is a life that is forever changed by your generosity.

“You don’t need any special skills to volunteer here,” says Steve Kamenski, the new volunteer liaison for Samaritan House. “Just bring a positive and healing attitude.” Anyone can stop by at anytime to volunteer to make meals, play games, watch movies, or engage in fellowship.

The needs of Samaritan House are ongoing. “Some of their guests may arrive with only the clothes on their back,” Steve explained. “Samaritan House is in need of men’s and women’s shirts, under garments, and socks of all sizes.”  Besides clothing, Samaritan House can always use items like paper dinnerware, bath tissue, paper towels.  Other tasks might include yard work and minor repairs.

There are a few volunteer openings left to serve at Samaritan House tonight – Or, join Elevation Outreach on a Wednesday in July and get to know our friends at Samaritan House.  Click here to register and be blessed!

Easing Impact of Homelessness


Photos by: Brian Schindler


Elevation Outreach partner A Child’s Place has counted more than 4,700 homeless school-aged children in our city.  It’s an overwhelming number.  But we have the opportunity to offer the hope and healing of Jesus to these children and their families.

This week, Elevation Interns organized and led a kickoff to summer camp field day for 150 of these kids at Shamrock Elementary in East Charlotte.  It was a loud, fast, sweaty, sticky, fun-filled few hours.  Young friends Nakerrina and Marissa told us the experience was “awesome.”  The third graters added, “We love everyone here because they play, help, and love us.”

Honest, sweet, profound words from children who are just like our own.  And we can help ease the impact of their homelessness this weekend at the New Life 91.9 event Faith Family and Freedom.  Several volunteers have already signed up to help A Child’s Place gather and sort new school uniforms.  Before and after your volunteer shift, you get FREE admission to enjoy the event.

15,000 concert-goers are expected at the ZMax dragway, and they’re all asked to bring an article of school uniform clothing.  With all of us pitching in to help, the event will easily reach its goal of 3,000 polos, khakis, skirts, and shoes.

There’s still time for you to sign up and be a part of Saturday’s event – SIGN UP TODAY!

Back to the Center City


“Fueled by a vision of how things ought to be…we are positioning ourselves to bring forth restoration.”Urban Life Charlotte

Urban Life Charlotte is a new non-profit in the heart of Center City Charlotte.

It’s a community of people who’ve moved back into the city from the suburbs to be a part of positive change in Wesley Heights. The need is great. CMS schools in West Charlotte are burdened with the city’s lowest graduation rate at just 51%.

Urban’s goal is to transform the neighborhood through spiritual and strategic relationships. City Director David Gage Hall, encourages people to get involved by saying, “Jesus’ ministry was all about the importance of relationships, especially with the poor and hurting people around us. This is one of the best opportunities to live out that mission.”

Elevation Church is at the heart of this effort as two church staff families will live on site, and Elevation volunteers have been the muscle behind getting the building ready for a fall launch. The location is called “The Summit.” It includes two buildings with twelve units that will house young adults serving in the year-long Urban Life outreach program as well as neighbors transitioning from homelessness to self-sufficiency.

Stay tuned to the outreach events page for more opportunities to serve and be a part of Urban Life Charlotte!



Summer eStudents SERVE


When Elevation Outreach Events and eStudents Director Jamie Waldron gets an idea in her head, there’s no stopping it. And when she says it’s gonna be BIG – expectations are always exceeded. This time it was TWENTY-FOUR hours. SEVEN outreach partners. And EXTREME passion to serve.

From Camino Del Rey to Urban Eagles. Urban Ministry Center to One7; one Friday this month these students helped impact Charlotte in a way that reached more than just a place or a person. A way that impacted the city from the core out to the suburbs.

They spread hope and love all over Charlotte to organizations like Urban Life, Project 658 and 2xSalt. A move that is allowing them to not only serve, but to grow alongside all as a city wide community. These students painted, cleaned, served the homeless, honored these outreach partners, and have realized how important serving our community has become.

Kevin Simons, one of these students, said that it has been a “challenging experience, serving for that amount of time drew strength out of me that I know could only be given from God.”

“It’s important to serve in the community because it gives a perspective to what’s going on in the world directly around us, a world not just about video games and movies. This is real life.” Kevin is a student who serves regularly at Elevation Church, and isn’t shy to jump into a community service opportunity. His heart for others and this city is contagious.

All students at Elevation Church are invited to take part and make an impact this summer through service projects and special events! Keep your eyes out, this generation is making changes in the world. You don’t want to miss it.

God’s love is 24/7. Should we strive for anything less?