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Saturday: Project 658 Makeover


While most of us only dream of having an entire apartment filled with clothes, Project 658 actually does.

Our outreach partner transformed a two-bedroom apartment into a gently used clothing store for refugee families in need. Project 658 even teaches the families about financial budgeting by distributing “points” to shop with.

Unfortunately, the apartment was donated to Project 658 after being labeled an “un-rentable room” therefore it’s in desperate need of renovation.

That’s where we come in, Church! This Saturday, February 2, Elevation Church will help Project 658 execute these much-needed renovations. There are so many different ways you can help, so don’t worry if you’ve never appeared on Extreme Home Makeover or attained a construction degree—we can still use you.

From clearing out and cleaning the apartment to remodeling the full and half bathrooms to painting walls and re-racking the clothes there’s a way everyone can help. Oh, and the kitchen….it’s gotta go.

Restoring this apartment will ensure the success and longevity of our partner’s vision to find “Christ centered solutions for Charlotte communities that are in the greatest need.”

You can be a part of this event on Saturday by clicking the sign up link above.

This will be and all day project divided into two different four hour volunteer slots so you can register to work either 12:00p.m.-4:00p.m. or 4:00p.m.-8:00p.m.

God can turn the most unlikely canvas into a masterpiece, and you can be his paintbrush if you’ll let him!

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Elevation Worship and CMS Schools

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Momentum Begins with Action

What a powerful word we heard this past weekend from Pastor Steven!  How are you doing on remembering the facts that “change the way we change?”

Let’s review:

1.  It’s not a project, it’s a process.

2.  It’s not achieving, it’s receiving.

3.  It’s not trying, it’s training.

4.  It’s not a competition, it’s a calling.

We hope you’ve been inspired and are already putting some new habits into action.  If you’re still wondering where to start, remember the YouVersion bible app is a great way to start your spiritual training every day!  And once you get a little momentum behind you… there’s no telling where God will lead!

Save Lives. Give Blood.


It’s not a project.  It’s a process.

It’s not achieving.  It’s receiving.

It’s not trying.  It’s training.

What a powerful series we are in as we study God’s word together and seek to “change the way we change.”  If one of your resolutions is to give more of your time, treasure, and talents in 2013 – you have an opportunity to save a life in the process this weekend.

Each day our Charlotte area hospitals use around 400 blood products to save the lives of people in our community. Community Blood Center of the Carolinas supplies the majority of these life-saving products to our hospitals and is only able to do so because of volunteer blood donors. This Sunday, January 27, 2013 the Uptown and University campuses will be hosting blood drives from 9:00-1:30 with the Community Blood Center of the Carolinas.

Two of the largest uses of blood are cancer patients and transplant recipients. Recently we heard the story of Danielle, one of our University volunteers, who received a kidney from Garrett, another of Elevation’s volunteers (see video below).

Did you know that on average a transplant recipient receives over 20 units of blood during the course of the operation? That’s a lot of blood. Maybe you can’t give a kidney to someone who needs one but you can still help save their life by giving 1 pint of blood.  Beyond that, each unit of blood collected has the opportunity to impact not just one patient like Danielle, but up to three patients.

If you are interested in giving blood this weekend click on your campus below and schedule an appointment.