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LOVE Weekend Blakeney

THURSDAY UPDATE: Neat opportunity to make the holiday super special for a child in need. Our LOVE Week events with outreach partner Beds for Kids are always filled to capacity because we get an opportunity to do really rewarding hands-on work at the warehouse. Saturday’s event is a family-friendly way to remind ourselves what a blessing it is to have a warm place to sleep. You’ll be making Christmas merry for a child who may have been previously sleeping on the floor or in a shelter.


This weekend Pastor Steven empowered us to “take the pen into our own hand,” and to decide how big our faith will be by how significant our gift to his kingdom will be. We remember that part of giving includes giving of our gifts, talents, and time. It’s Elevation Blakeney’s turn for a LOVE Weekend!

Appropriately, there are 25 chances for you to get out and serve. Below are some of our favorites. CLICK HERE to see the entire list.


WRAPPING UP LOVE with A Child’s Place — A loving home is often the key to a child’s success in school. But for a child without this stability, A Child’s Place steps in to ensure that homeless children succeed in their education. This weekend volunteers will be able to bring their donated gifts to wrap together and brighten up the holiday of those children!


JOY IN THE SUFFERING with Kindermourn — Imagine how difficult it is to enjoy the holiday season with the death of a family member fresh in your heart. Together on Saturday, we will assemble care packages to encourage families. On Sunday, we’ll serve refreshments to those coming to share their joys and sorrows together.

MAKE MEMORIES with Down Syndrome Association of Greater Charlotte — Join us as we help host a Parent’s Day Out! This is a spectacular opportunity for our volunteers to step in and give the parents of children with Down Syndrome a rare day to themselves. The kids and volunteers will spend the day at Elevation Blakeney.

DECK THE HALLS with Brookdale Senior Living Center — Come fill the halls with the sweet sounds of Christmas this weekend as we go around Brookdale bringing the gift of Christmas caroling, fellowship, and holiday treats!

CHEER ON YOUR TEAM with Inreach — Come for an afternoon of tailgating and football with our friends at Inreach! With an organization that has 15 homes in the Charlotte area that houses adults with disabilities, we not only have the chance to partake in a fun-filled afternoon, but we will also stand with the organization in empowering these individuals to succeed.

Remembering God’s Faithfulness

It begins with the blank page. The flashing cursor. The spark of an idea. That moment of inspiration. The gaps between expectation, preparation and completion. The point where you commit to making something meaningful out of a bunch of thoughts, moments, pictures, statistics, and stories.

This fall our outreach team was blessed with the opportunity to take over the entire Thanksgiving worship experience. We starting hearing details in August, while the fatigue of LOVE Week 2014 was just beginning to wear off. The aftermath of hundreds of thousands of meals packed, dozens of homes, schools, and buildings refreshed, truckloads of mulch spread, nine days worth of video clips taken and photo streams uploaded was all still very fresh in our minds.

How to capture – now – the evidence of God’s faithfulness in the midst of all that and more? How to share with our church the impact we make together on both the grandest and most personal scales? The idea of the assignment was heavy and exhilarating at the same time.

Over the next several weeks, we would study, brainstorm, pitch, refine, study, brainstorm, refine, and pitch again. We debated, we questioned, we built up, we tore down – we kept thinking – Is this it? Or is there something more?

The outreach vision video we shared during our SURROUND series was one piece of the work we had the opportunity to bring to our church last month. The sound clips are from Pastor Steven’s 2008 One Prayer sermon called “This is That.” The video concept started with an idea Jamie Waldron had been thinking about for a couple of years – to show the exponential impact of what God has done through outreach in our church.

We took the idea, and we considered how to execute it in a fresh, inspiring, visually appealing way. We started talking about stacking stones (Banner Years) and drawing circles (Surround) and creating a memorable moment. MC Garrett and the staff and students at One7 Academy helped us write on the stones. Each girl chose a word that inspired her, or a word she is believing in for her future.

We stood on the place where we will help One7 construct a new multi-purpose building. We stacked stones to remember God’s faithfulness, and to say we are believing in Him for even greater things. We circled up and we prayed.

We brought our ordinary. And God made it into something more. He does it every time.



We all have a part to play

Week 4 of our series SURROUND was an Elevation Outreach takeover! Thank you, Pastor Steven and Holly for the opportunity to share some of what God is doing through us as we embrace a lifestyle of generosity and service.

Operations Pastor Josh Blackson shared from Romans 12:7-8 that reminds us that we all have a part to play – “if it is serving, then serve; if it is teaching, then teach, if it is to encourage, then give encouragement; if it is giving, then give generously; if it is to lead, do it diligently; if it is to show mercy, do it cheerfully.”

David and MC Garrett and the team from our outreach partner One7 joined us all weekend long and we laughed and cried as we heard from them and the students who’ve been impacted through their ministry.

The sermon will be available Monday in the Elevation Church archives.

If you watched this weekend and are wondering how to respond – there are three ways:

GIVE: We committed $250,000 to the expansion of One7 – a multi-purpose building that will allow the team to bring indoors some of the transformational work they do everyday. Believing today in how God will move in the hearts of each of us as we give to the SURROUND year-end offering. We always give 12% off the top to serve our outreach partners.

SERVE: When we bring our ordinary, we get to see God make it extraordinary. It’s easy to serve in outreach at our church. Click over to our EVENTS site for opportunities to take part in outreach events happening in the near future. Still uncertain? Watch here on our blog every Tuesday for our top picks of the week, or talk to your eGroup or eTeam leader for ideas to get involved. You can also check out our ABOUT page for details and contact information for each of our partners. Or just rake leaves for your neighbor. Buy a co-worker coffee. Tell your sister you believe in her. Say thank you. Smile.

PRAY: You may feel like you have nothing to give. But if you’ve placed Jesus Christ at the center of your life, HE is in you, HE has given you gifts that you are to share with a world that is broken and hurting. You may feel like you’re broken and hurting, right now. You may feel lost and overwhelmed. There is hope. You are not alone. Contact our prayer team and we will be there for you. If you need more practical help from one of our outreach partners, check out our RESOURCES page.




LOVE Weekend

Tracy Gallimore started attending Elevation in 2009 during “The Dip”. He served this morning at Matthews Help Center with his 3 boys and some of his middle school eGroup.

He is grateful for our recent series How to be brave that reminded him that our God is bigger than our fear and anxiety – and one of the best ways to remind ourselves of that is get out and serve someone.

It’s LOVE Weekend Matthews

It’s LOVE Weekend for you, Matthews – and there are still a few opportunities to get involved. Let’s go SURROUND our cities with the love of Jesus!