Leader Resources

LOVE Week Timeline


Phase One: Partnership and Planning | June 15 – 30

  • Identify volunteers and cast vision for LOVE Week
  • Assign liaisons for each organization that you have identified as strategic organizations to partner with for LOVE Week.
  • Liaisons initiate contact with organizations
  • Share about LOVE Week
  • Liaisons gather ideas for potential events and submit them to Outreach Staff/Coordinator for approval


Phase 2: Prepare for Events | July 1 – 10

  • Review events
  • Submit approved events to Outreach@elevationchurch.org for upload onto the LOVE Weeks Events website (Each event should be submitted as a separate file)
  • Purchase supplies for events, t-shirts for volunteers and prepare
  • Confirm details with Outreach Partners
  • Train hosts


Phase 3: Invite the church to participate

  • Promo Video
  • Social Media
  • Events Website

LOVE Week Checklist

(July 25 – August 1)

  • Build a Team
  • Identify Partners
  • Plan Events
  • Choose Events
  • Prepare for Events
  • Invite the church to participate
  • Serve