Better than BandAids


16 Jul Better than BandAids


It’s easy to think that going to the Doctor is normal.  For most of us, it’s completely routine.  But that’s not the case for everyone.  In Charlotte, over 180,000 adults are uninsured and most can’t afford healthcare on their own.

Gail Dokes saw this as a problem, and began dreaming of a solution… a solution that presented the needs for big donations, a team, and a location.  The Town of Matthews was the destination, a free medical clinic was the goal.  In February of 2004, the dream became a reality.

“We take pride in the care we provide and believe that every person deserves the right to receive healthcare and be treated with dignity and respect, despite their ability to pay”  said Amy Carr, Executive Director of Matthews FMC.  Today, the mission is the same.  Free healthcare and support to those who are uninsured or who can’t afford it.  One that is based on volunteers and the support of the local community.

Matthews Free Medical Clinic has been given a big gift.  A private practice full of items necessary for Matthews FMC to achieve their mission.  Everything from cotton balls to exam tables.  We love seeing our Outreach Partners get gifts like this from the community, it means that they are making an impact and people are taking note.  This is the impact that your generosity is making.

Dozens of medical supplies and tools, and a place for them to go.  However, they need our help.  Click here to sign up and band together to help sort, take inventory, and store these supplies.  BandAids are great – but Matthews Free Medical Clinic SOLVES the health care crisis for thousands in our community.  Thank YOU for being a part of the solution!