Queen City Invasion


28 Jun Queen City Invasion


Join our friends at Compassion to Act this Saturday night as local evangelist Amy Lambert brings Invasion to the Queen City.  Lambert’s vision is to reach teens struggling with addictions in a non-threatening way through music.  Starting at the young age of twelve, Amy fell into an inescapable drug addiction. However, through the power and love of Christ, she was able to overcome this battle and has since started City Invasion to share a story of hope to kids fighting the same issues.

City Invasion is a FREE concert featuring Christian, rock and rap artists such as Brian ‘Head’ Welch, Flame, P.O.D., and many others.  Saturday night Memorial Stadium, the bands will be sharing the gospel to thousands of teens through their music and stories.

Anne Bacorn, events director for City Invasion says, “This is a tremendous opportunity to reach those that will not step foot in a church.  An opportunity to make them feel loved, to let them know that Christ has not forgotten them, that He loves them, and that He created them.”

Guest Services eTeam members, there’s a job for you:  Invasion asks you to park cars for the concert goers and greet them as they enter this life changing event.  You have the opportunity to impact people who may have a desperate need for Jesus but don’t think they could feel welcome at church.

Next Level eTeam members, there’s a job for you: Invasion needs you to do what you do best. Pray with people, and invite them to church.  We are standing in prayer with Amy and her team that hundreds of people will place their faith in Christ at this event.