School Supplies for Homeless Children

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24 Jul School Supplies for Homeless Children

According to statistics from our strategic outreach partner A Child’s Place, the number of homeless children in Charlotte is on the rise again.  A record 4,922 CMS students have been identified as homeless for the coming school year.  It’s a spike of 4.5% up from last year.  “The unemployment rate makes it very hard for a single mother to find a job, much less one that pays a living wage–that would mean a home, food, and all the necessities that you need for a family,” said Executive Director, Annabelle Suddreth, of the latest numbers.

When a child in our city is homeless, what does that mean?  Says Suddreth, “It means some are sleeping in cars, on the floor of an overcrowded home, abandoned buildings. They are in shelters. They are in pay-by-the-week motels, not the kind that have positive locations for children.”

Thanks to your generosity, A Child’s Place will receive a big cash donation from you in August.  But you can also help now as you do your back to school shopping.  ACP is asking for donations of basic school supplies; pens, paper, crayons, binders, notebooks, backpacks and uniforms.  Until August 27, bring your donations to our Elevation Matthews location and we’ll get them downtown to children in need.