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What an incredible start to our new series “How to be BRAVE.”

I’m wanting to write what Pastor Steven said on my hands and my heart today…

Breathe. Remember. Ask. Visualize. Elevate.

“Atmospheric pressure decreases as Elevation increases.”

And I love the way our eGroups are getting involved this week, too – our Monday assignment is to invite someone from work to coffee and invite them to church.

Plus, we had hundreds of brave friends out serving this past weekend for LOVE Weekend and other outreach events across the Concord and Charlotte area.

Remember today that “If I can calm the waves within, God will calm the waves without.”

For more inspiration, check out this #5b4Refresh hosted by campus pastor Scott Hosey from week two of “The Best Yes.” and remember you can catch this weekend’s sermon today on the Elevation Network!

The Best Yes 5b4 | Week 2 from Elevation Media on Vimeo.

Be Brave. Serve.

This weekend we start a new series called “How to Be Brave.”

We can’t think of a better way than getting out and putting someone else’s needs above our own. It’s LOVE Weekend for our Elevation Concord location and there are more than a dozen events to choose from. Runners and walkers the next two weekends are perfect for you – just sign up – there are THREE big events.

KATE’S RACE – If you know someone fighting cancer this is a great opportunity to run or walk in their honor. Our friends at Hope Cancer Ministries will be at McAlpine Creek Park bringing hope to families facing this terrible disease and you can join them. Volunteers are also needed for setup and teardown.

BUDDY WALK – This Saturday UNCC’s football stadium is the venue for Down Syndrome Association of Greater’s Charlotte‘s annual walk to raise awareness and funds. There are opportunities for you to walk in the event or to help us at the craft booth as we celebrate life with our friends.

BIG SOUTH 5K – NEXT SATURDAY (10/18) Elevation Blakeney is the host site for this annual event that raises funds for middle school athletics in Mecklenburg and Union counties. This is a great opportunity for eGroups to run together or to serve together.

Here are a few more of our upcoming LOVE Weekend favorites:


MAKE FALL FUN FOR KIDSChurch of God Children’s home is providing a positive and safe living environment for hurting, abused and neglected children. You’ll enjoy a free meal while interacting with the kids and help tear down. This is a family friendly event. Then Saturday you can participate in LOVE Weekend with the Autism Society of Cabarrus County. It’s fall fun in Kannapolis for volunteers age 5 and up.


It’s a beautiful LOVE Weekend with 16 events around the Charlotte area and you can get involved.

Elevation Concord Outreach Coordinator Kristi Bezy says, “I’m blown away how God uses our partnerships to draw people to himself. I love how he’s not only using our partnerships to meet physical needs but also to meet spiritual needs.” Three friends met through “My Father’s House” ministry got baptized at Concord this month.

Kristi continues, This weekend, we have the opportunity to continue to embrace a lifestyle of generosity and service through LOVE Weekend at Elevation Concord. We have events for everyone—ranging from landscaping to a fall festival. We will also be putting together Homeless Care Kits after each worship experience at Elevation Concord on Sunday.”

BEDS FOR KIDS – If you’ve got a truck and just a few hours of time you can change the world for a family in need. Beds for Kids plans to deliver 50 beds across the Charlotte area Saturday. We’re excited for the opportunity to help. Imagine getting to see the look on a child’s face as you deliver an opportunity to sleep better, learn better, and live better.

BUILD A FENCE – Our friends at Charlotte Rescue Mission are working to improve the look and safety of their property. We love this ministry and the opportunity to see lives changed through the power of God’s love in action. Volunteers age 16 and up.

SPRUCE UP CONCORD SCHOOLS - Three schools, three projects. We’re getting busy in Concord painting, landscaping, and cleaning to improve the atmosphere for students and teachers. There’s room for you to serve at Irvin and Wolf Meadow elementary or at Concord High. Let’s support our schools!




Meant to Be Recap, FOURWARD, and Ladies First

The Best Yes 5b4 | Week 1 from Elevation Media on Vimeo.

His love is persistent


My first experience leading as a coordinator for LOVE Week didn’t go exactly as planned. I was excited because as a part of the launch team at our first University City location, and our second location being built.. I could just see the momentum God was bringing to the area.

But after several meetings with a partner WE planned to work with – we could see THEY were just not going to be ready for this crazy thing we call LOVE Week.. The clock was ticking … LOVE Week was already underway… BUT GOD had something better in mind.

2 Corinthians 4:18 says “So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”

Isn’t it true that sometimes we have to GIVE UP OUR PLANS to SEE GOD’s PLAN FOR US? He always seems to show up when we least expect it. I went to Vance High School, and seemingly – randomly – met the varsity football coach as two-a-days were going on. I talked to him about LOVE Week, explained the vision, he caught my excitement and was on board.

Saturday morning’s event with Vance went beautifully – we cleaned their stadium/locker rooms. I was able to build on this relationship with coach, following up to pray for him. Two weeks later, he texted me to see if he could bring his entire football team to one of our worship experiences. You bet I said YES!

That Sunday, a bus with 68 students and staff on board pulled into the University City worship experience. They loved every minute – THE ENTIRE TEAM, STAFF, AND ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT WERE THERE TO SAY THANK YOU!

At least three of the people on that bus gave their lives to Jesus that morning.

Members of the coaching staff have returned several times to visit us, even after lots of tears and hugs! I am blown away by God allowing me to play a small part in their story. I can’t wait to see all that God does as the relationship grows!

The love of Jesus is PERSISTENT – We serve during LOVE Week “so that” even when OUR plans seem to fail, HIS PLAN is there – HE draws people nearer to himself, and we get to see the miraculous results.

eStudents and Elevation Concord

Meant To Be 5b4 | Week 5 from Elevation Media on Vimeo.