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Beds for Kids, LOVE Week

LOVE Week 2015 is coming! Mark your calendars for July 25-August 1. We’ll be giving and serving through all our locations.

MoodSwingers 5b4 | Week 2 from Steven Furtick on Vimeo.

eTeams, eStudents, and The Power of Same recap

MoodSwingers 5b4 | Week 1 from Steven Furtick on Vimeo.

3 Ways to Swing That Thing!

We hope you enjoyed the kickoff of our new series “Moodswingers” as much as we did!

Pastor Steven’s three points:

Guard your heart

Own your emotions

Change your concentration

This series is REALLY going hit home for us. Did you know you can also sign up for a daily Moodswinger text message? Just text the word REGISTER to 704-256-8324.

Monday’s text was “I feel powerful today because my God is strengthening me.” (Philippians 4:13)

It’s a great reminder that no matter what you’re going through, you can choose to tap into God’s strength and power and swing your own mood! If you’re lost, you must check out the sermon recap from Pastor Steven’s blog below.

And in the meantime – we think one of the best ways to swing our own moods is to get out and serve someone else. We can own our emotions – and change our concentration. And we’ve got three great ways to do that this Valentine’s Day weekend. That’s right – three ways to SWING THAT THING!

1. You can help our outreach partner Charlotte Family Housing with a big housing renovation. Together we will dramatically improve the surroundings for a family in transition.

2. You can cook up, serve, and enjoy a meal together with friends at Samaritan House recovering from a recent hospital stay. Help someone else take their mind off their problems for just a short while.

3. You can help us build a home with a family in need through Habitat for Humanity. You can make 2015 the year you can say you personally helped a family afford a decent home.

Thank you for your generosity, church. Your regular giving allows us to build relationships with our outreach partners and make events like these possible all year long. To discover more ways to serve, click the UPCOMING EVENTS block above. And to learn more about giving, head to our main Elevation Church site.

Get ready for MOODSWINGERS!

The Power of Same 5b4 | Week 5 from Steven Furtick on Vimeo.

Helping to End Chronic Homelessness

The Power of Same 5B4 | Week 4 from Steven Furtick on Vimeo.